Bibi & Lola

022 copy


Bibi is a medium hair, bluepoint male.
He is very loyal and vocal. He lives at home with us.
He loves Lola and protects her and the kittens. He is the sire.

Bibi was born on April 15, 2011 in San Jose, CA. His mother was a siamese with blue-green eyes. He had 6 siblings out of which one was a bluepoint, 4 were sealpoint and one was mitted.


Lola is a long hair, mitted (snowshoe), bluepoint lady.
She is very sweet and loves cuddles. Lola likes to suck on my earlobe.
She purrs for hours while doing so. She is the queen of the house.
She is the sweetest lady I know.

Lola was born on May 30, 2011 in Antioch, CA. She had three colorpoint siblings. Her mother was a long-hair sealpoint and her father was a medium-hair mitted bluepoint ragdoll.

0 003 copy

Bibi & Lola, about one year old

007b copy

Bibi & Lola, about 2 years old


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