Kitten accessories

Kitten Pack

All our kittens come complete with a kitten pack, which includes the following:

  • Nesting Box
  • Toy
  • Baby blanket
  • Favorite cat food
  • Necklace with bell charm

To help the kitten cope with the stress of going into a completely new environment, it is advised that the kitten brings a little of their old home, with them in their new home. We provide a kitten pack which includes all that we though would help the kitten to adapt to a new home, including a nesting box and a blanket onto which the kitten has spent time with their mother.

Cat Bell Charm

Baby kitten at 8 weeks

The great utility of having your kitty to wear a little bell on his necklace is because it is a great way to hear when he runs and know where he is. Kitties like to play and to sneak on you when you don’t imagine! This sadly often leads to the kitten getting stepped onto or hurt and sometimes squished between a closing door. It just takes a little bell on the kitten necklace and you will know when he is approaching or chasing you or running to the door.

Nesting Box

Kitten Likes to scratch

Kitten showing his nail.

Cats love to scratch things, they need it as part of their daily routine. For this reason, for a happy life with your cat, you will have to provide for them a good scratching post. We choose our nesting boxes to be made of the cat’s favorite materials to get you started.

The nesting box will be useful to carry the kitten and makes for a great gift package.

A cat tree is recommended for an adult cat because it also provides a place for the cat to sleep. It is important to provide the cat a bed of his own, so they feel they have a space that belongs entirely to them.

The perfect Cat Tree

Cats like to be in the same room with you and have a good view as well. They like to be close to windows, especially they love to be able to peek outside during the day.

Cat Tree

Cat Tree

A good cat tree will need to be stable when the cat jumps on it, so a 4 legged cat tree seems like a good start. A good cat tree is one that offers space for the cat to sleep. Cats love to sleep in those carpeted beds with raised edges all around. The scratching post should be long enough for an adult cat to stretch while scratching it.

If you pay attention to the behavior of your cat, and provide an alternative scratch-able element at the right moment and right place, you can successfully teach your cats to stay away from scratching your living-room furniture. If you’d like to have an alternative to a cat tree, you can look at rattan or wicker furniture, baskets and vases.  The best kind is a made of a finer fiber so that is easy enough for the cat to, slowly, break. Check out this IKEA chair that also has an opening in the back and makes it for a perfect inner room and privacy bed for your pet.

Rattan, banana fiber

We got this rattan chair, it looks nice. However, my cats didn’t seem interested in it. Instead they liked another small wicker furniture and scratched it until it was all torn apart. Sometimes it’s the location that  makes the difference. For example, they liked to scratch this small wicker furniture that was in the hallway in between the rooms they eat and sleep in.

We also installed some custom shelves that had a great success. My cats love to spend time on those, sleeping and perching on me. These were made with simple old shelves with a custom built raised edge about 3 or 4 inches. Then wrapped the whole thing with carpet. The edge really allows them to abandon themselves in it and sleep in the most relaxing positions.

Cat Shelves

Why not a suspended bed instead of a cat tree? Like a carpeted shelf hanging on the wall. Once realized that your cat likes to be at a height where he can see you, you might determine the right location for a cat shelf!

Cat Shelf

Cat Shelf

You can mount it strategically where it can be easily reached by jumping from the top of another furniture or desk. I have one on the side of my bed and have to admit that my cat jumped a couple of times right onto my face while I was sleeping, so you might want to watch for that!

Cat Shelf

Cat Shelf

Unlike cat trees, cat shelves are easy to make. They won’t take up much space in your room while providing your cat with a wonderful place to sleep. We made our cat shelves with old wooden shelves, some clean carpet and a stapler gun. The ultimate shelf to spoil your cat should have an edge, a couple of inches high, at least on the long side. It does not need to have edges on the short sides.

My cat liked to lay down on top of my printer,  to hang out with us while we spend time at the computer. It was obviously too small to fit him, his foot would constantly slip down. So we made a corner cat-shelf and mounted it just above that space on our desk for the cat to enjoy his favorite spot in full comfort.

Why Carpeted?

I sometime see ideas about cat shelves, but I have never seen a carpeted one. I think that it makes a big difference! Mainly because the cat reaches them by jumping on it, and needs not to slip when landing.
Even though cats would rather sleep on a cooler surface during summer, they certainly love the carpet because they can scratch it as well as shed their hair on it. I seasonally brush my carpeted shelves and cat trees surfaces to remove any excess shedding.


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